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In eight powerful steps you can transform your life in ways you never thought possible, resulting in healthier relationships, and more skills to face people who push your buttons.

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This course offers multiple emotional intelligence tools to help you deal with the jerks in your life (including your “inner jerk”!)

35 videos

Helpful and informative videos that will enhance each step of your learning experience.

80-page workbook

An interactive companion workbook that will guide you through each step of the journey.

25+ coaching exercises

Engaging exercises that will allow you to go deeper as you work through each step.

Achieve A New Level of Self-mastery

You will learn how to increase your level of self-awareness, empowerment, and peace of mind in every challenging relationship.

Attain Gratitude for Difficult People

You will learn how to deal with every challenging person at work, at home, during the holidays, in meetings, including difficult current or ex-partners.

✨ Sign up to Finding Gratitude for Jerks for only $397!

What clients say about this course:

“Who knew the most difficult people in my life held the keys to my greatest transformation?”

Erin Kennedy, manager, healthcare industry

“Every frustration a difficult person throws my way is no longer a stumbling block—it’s a stepping stone.”

John Reynolds, CEO & chair, retail grocery industry

“Transformational in ways you can’t yet imagine.”

Rafael McMaster, founder and executive director, creative industry

“The shifts in my perception are incredible. I never believed I could feel peace like this.”

Marian Belgray, professional, mental health industry

“I knew the time was well-spent, but I had no idea there would be such a ripple effect! Not only has my relationship with my sister improved dramatically, but with my brother and friends.”

Shannon Schwartz, writer

“I went from drained and discouraged to feeling energized in weeks!”

Mike Q., executive, entertainment industry

Heathere Evans, APR, PCC

Coach | Trainer | Speaker

Heathere Evans, APR, PCC, is a member of Harvard’s Institute of Coaching, an accredited communications professional, and an ICF-certified professional coach. Known for her transformational coaching and learning programs, her work helps individuals and teams develop their fullest potential, combining insights from the fields of leadership, neurobiology, advanced psychology, physics, communication, and business. The result is a shift toward a more empowered way of being, communicating, and working. A frequent speaker on personal growth, she inspires audiences with practical teachings on emotional intelligence, energy leadership, empowerment, success, and self-mastery.

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Don’t miss this chance to finally change the stressful relationships in your life. For good.

Online instruction, coaching, and guided practices to help you deal with the “jerks” in your life.